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Senior Consultant

Company: nFolks Data Solutions
Location: Seattle
Posted on: January 27, 2023

Job Description:

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SERVICESOne stop shop for all Data Solutions and Information Management ProjectsOur global clientele is a testament to our training servicesNeed of high-caliber teams and/or IT professionals contact us we are best at it.nFolks Data Solutions is an IBM Business Partner and renders Information Management solutions, learningservices and staffing services to clients globally, from offices located inNorth America, Europe, and Asia. Comprehensive approach to provideindispensable Data Solutions helps us deliver the best to our globalclientele. As a market leader, we focus on Information Managementsolutions to align measurable business goals and objectives withinformation technology.Aware of the current market demands and requirements, we work towardsutmost customer satisfaction. Our pragmatic outlook has resulted inventuring into new markets and witness steady growth over the years. Wehave unparalleled system of- services, support, and development -whichhelped us in successfully completing several end-to- end implementations ofIBM InfoSphere Information Management projects.Our expertise is in Architecture, Analysis, Design, Development,Administration, Training, Maintenance, and Support using IBM InfoSphereapplications such as DataStage, QualityStage, Information Analyzer,Metadata Workbench, Business Glossary, and FastTrack. We top themarket in IBM InfoSphere solutions -conscious of Quality, Price, andCertified IBM Solution Developers. To build successful Data Solutions youneed the best talent in tech field; consequently all our Architects, TeamLeads and Senior Developers are IBM Certified Solution Developers. Our ITpersonnel participate in company organized education and training classes along with real time experience allows us to offer our clients an entire teamof experts.Information Management Consulting ServicesOur certified solution developers deliver successful Data Solutions and specializein end to end implementation of Information Management projects. We strivenot only to meet the client's requirements but also exceed their expectationrecurrently.We are preferred partners with training companies who provide learning servicesto global clients. Our presence throughout North America, Europe, and Asia aid usin achieving customer satisfaction.Conscious of the client's demands; we aim to nurture their requirements with ourstaffing services in order to provide high-caliber teams and IT professionals.WE HELP OUR CLIENTS STAY AHEAD OF THE COMPETITIONWe work with a wide range of clients, from top organizations to medium and smallscale businesses. OUR PEOPLE MAKE US GREAT WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY format_quote ( Associate Vice President, FCS ) We have hired nFolks to lead the DataStage oversight at an extremely complicated and politically-charged Financial Analytics re-start. Being brought in as a remediation team is always stressful but nFolks team was always positive and able to identify design issues and alternative designs. ( Global Director, FCS ) nFolks team has provided us resources on one of our DataStage implementation and did a great job with their resources who had a good technical understanding. ( Manager Strategic Alliances, snapLogic ) nFolks are very sharp thinkers and have great understanding of the fundamentals of business integration and transformation. I would not hesitate to recommend nFolks to any project - they will be a great asset. format_quote Case 1: Louisiana Department of Corrections Client: Louisiana Department of Corrections
Project: DB2 Migration from Legacy SystemsLouisiana Department of Corrections implemented the DB2 migration by creating the DB2 Data Store as their first IT enterprise modernization. The department planned to extract the data from their existing Mainframe Mapper and Notes legacy databases and move the data to DB2 database as the basis for the enterprise "database of record" after going through the compete cycle of profiling, cleansing and transforming the legacy data for web-OLTP using IBM Information Server Suite of products as well as query and reporting using IBM Cognos BI tool.The issue for the client was extracting the data from legacy hand written very old databases such as Mapper and Notes for different database objects/tables & applying rules on top of it to load data into DB2 Database. All this was targeted to be completed in limited budget and fixed timeline. In addition, the Information Server was deployed on Windows Operating system with limited resources sitting on a VMWare for which support model from vendors was not existing. As these were legacy databases parent/child relationship between tables was also not present. As a result this check needs had to be made in ETL code and records which did not meet the requirement had to be captured and emailed to Data Owners.nFolks Data Solutions took this as a challenge and used IBM Information Server suite of tools provided by client by coming up with different solutions such as using the correct ODBC drivers as extracting data from legacy database was not easy with limited drivers supporting it partially. nFolks used a combination of Parallel and Server jobs as it was creating lot of processes on windows server & parallel extract or huge extract would break the connection with legacy databases Scripts were written to monitor the hanged processes & clean them frequently as the no of resources are limited. The data was also Unicode and special characters had to be handled carefully so that data retains its original form and loaded into DB2 database.Following the implementation, the department made the process seamless. Programs & scripts written by nFolks Data Solutions made the process seamless and in time delivery of project within limited budget by addressing all issues which made the migration of legacy databases to DB2 database successful. Case 2: Wells Fargo Client: Major Financial Institution in the US
Project: Upgrade of ProfitMax NextGen SolutionProfitMax NextGen objective was to calculate Profit and Loss metrics for the wholesale line of businesses at various levels like Customer, Relationship, Officer, Accounting Unit (AU), and Organizational Unit (OU) by building a Profitability Data Warehouse. The ProfitMAX NextGen is a rewrite of current legacy application, which is a customer and product profitability tool used by the Wholesale Banking division of the client to view customer / product profitability. 3000 users were estimated to access the solutions and would enable them to view and measure profitability at an officer, AU and product level.The issue for the client was that the Data Warehouse modeling was done with very poor practices & no best practices had been in place by previous implementation partner, leading to large number of issues, resulting in inaccurate data with missing relationships between target tables. The issues resulted in an unstable code and the reporting results were affected.nFolks Data Solutions, along with another implementation partner, were requested to fix the issues caused by the previous poor implementation. With best Solution Developers and Architects being deployed with right strategy, we were able to fix the code issues as well as the design issues & developed a solution which resulted in generating reports at 20 levels down granular reports across the whole sale line of Business Services and products for the financial institution, thereby meeting the primary end-point requirements. With the implementation, client was able to save lot of money and got and effective solution, which resulted in generating reports granular reports for 20 different at 20 levels, thereby providing streamlined data for improved decision making. Case 3: Gulf State Toyota Case 3: Automotive Distributor in the US
Project: Migration from DataStage 7.0 to DataStage 8.7Client is a distributor for a large Japanese automotive company in the US. Client operates with 150+ dealerships in 5 states. Data Migration project was one of the high priority projects for the client wherein they were migrating their systems from IBM InfoSphere DataStage 7.0 version to IBM InfoSphere 8.7.Client wanted to migrate the code from DataStage 7.0 version to DataStage 8.7 version but most of the jobs were server jobs with few plug-ins being used which were no longer available in DataStage 8.7 version and these needed to be converted to parallel jobs. Overall Architecture assessment was based on different factors such as volume assessment, server assessment, topology design, resource estimation, performance tuning before installing the DataStage 8.7 version and migrating the code from lower version to higher version.nFolks Data Solutions performed server assessment and upgraded the code from DataStage 7.0 version to DataStage 8.7 version by converting all the server jobs to parallel jobs whose plugins were depreciated. The migration was successful with minimal disruptions to the operations of the client. The implementation helped the client achieve Business Continuity by staying abreast of the latest data technologies. Case 4: American Airlines/US Airways Case 4: Major Airline in the US
Project: Cleanroom Project for Sales Data AnalysisCleanroom project was a sales merger project between two major US based airlines, which were in the process of merging their operations, including sales data. The target for the implementation was to generate market shares of the two airlines with reference other airlines for improving sales.To major airlines in the US decided to merge. Prior to the completion of the merger, the airline companies were not allowed to run combined sales reports, and the same was outsourced to ZS Associates where nFolks Data Solutions was asked to help on the ETL part for loading sales data across different routes, sources, destinations, legs, seats and others compared to other competing airlines.nFolks Data Solutions used various data tools to assimilate data from the two airlines while adhering to legal requirements for data privacy prior to the merger. Following the solution provided y nFolks, client was able to seamlessly generate market share reports for improved business planning for activities such as route optimization and sales planning. Case 5: Southern California Edison Case 5: Major Power Utility in the US
Project: Smart Connect Data Warehouse Project for Consumer Generated DataSmart Connect Data Warehouse project is one of the high priority projects for client connecting large number of data points from their customer meters. The Metadata Warehouse repository is one of the important modules of this project being implemented to generate different reports related to impact analysis, data lineage and Business lineage.The client, as part of Smart Connect project, wanted to implement the Metadata Warehouse repository across systems to find the impact analysis for any field changes, find data lineage and business lineage using IBM Business Glossary, Metadata workbench and other IBM foundation tools. The challenge was to integrate the solution with the large number of lot of end-to-end systems including vendor technologies such as SAP Business Objects reports, Erwin data models, Teradata, Oracle, DataStage code, stored procedures, extended mappings and others.Representing IBM at client site, nFolks Data Solutions implemented the project by importing all the metadata assets using IMAM for Erwin data models, Teradata, Oracle, DataStage ETL jobs and others. nFolks also created Business Categories, terms and other Business assets using Business Glossary, and mapped the IT assets to Business assets in Business Glossary to generate data lineage, business lineage & impact analysis using Metadata Workbench. Worked closely with IBM Israel Labs to address the product issues, we offered help in including right features which would provide more granular information for the client.Client was able to find impact analysis if any IT asset such database column or ETL jobs, generate end to end lineage from source system to SAP BO reports, generate business lineage. In addition, both function & technical teams are able to use Business Glossary. Case 6: VF Corp Case 6: Major Retail Company in the US
Project: Data Migration from Disparate Systems to SAP ECC 6.5 SystemClient was a holding company for popular retails clothing and accessories brands in the US, and was merging the brands under a single entity for better business management and decision making. The merger process was to be completed in two phases and all the major brands under the portfolio were being migrated to upgraded systems.Client wanted to merge all the 8 brands in the portfolio in two phases by migrating data from different sources such as SAP R/3 4.7, files and DB2 to SAP ECC 6.5 so that these brands are managed from one SAP ECC system of record.Representing IBM at client site, nFolks Data Solutions implemented the project by creating the DataStage jobs with best practices and performance tuning steps to merge the data for different brands from SAP R/3 4.7 System to SAP ECC 6.5 system. Following the implementation, client was able to access all the brands data from one SAP ECC 6.5 system as opposed to individual systems or different system of records for different brands Case 7: City of New York HRA Case 7: City of New York HRA
Project: DataStage Upgrade to DataStage 11.3City of New York HRA was upgrading their infrastructure from older versions of DataStage to DataStage 11.3 which was implemented by IBM and as a part of the project, which was a very short engagement, worked closely with NYC HRA to Install and configure IBM InfoSphere Information Server 11.3.City of New York HRA was upgrading their infrastructure from older versions of DataStage to DataStage 11.3 which was implemented by IBM and as a part of the project, which was a very short engagement, worked closely with NYC HRA to Install and configure IBM InfoSphere Information Server 11.3. Case 8: ANZ Bank Case 8: Major Financial Institution in Australia
Project: Implementation of IBM MDM v11.6Implementation of IBM MDM v11.6, DSC, RESTful, Bamboo, Maven & Oracle 12c, Kafka for major financial institution in AustraliaThe implementation consisted of two parts: The Global Registry (TGR) and Australian Operational Customer Master (AOCM).The Global Registry (TGR) was a combination of virtual MDM (Matching Hub - MH) and physical MDM (Operational Hub - OH). MH provides matching entity link based on outcome of algorithm defined with probabilistic matching, while OH persists with the member data for enriching additional data such as hierarchy and relationships. Data changes for every member are notified to downstream systems by triggering notification messages. nFolks designed and developed 'maintain party service', 'publish derived record', 'data model' and 'algorithm' to accommodate entity attributes. Configured Bamboo jobs for automating build, deploy and test processes.Australian Operational Customer Master (AOCM):AOCM is a master slave database to consolidate customer data from multiple data sources and to serve the required data to downstream applications or systems. Java Server Faces web framework-based Data stewardship application is customized to integrate the new attributes, and used for searching customers based on user-defined criteria. AOCM is capable of emitting event notifications for changes to 'party profile' and 'customer-to-account relationship' to downstream systems.On behalf of IBM, nFolks designed and developed standalone Java application - 'Missing Data Remediation' for remediating missing data in AOCM or in source systems, and also migrated source control repository to GIT and validated the generated EAR works. In addition, nFolks also upgraded AOCM from MDMv10.5 to MDMv11.5, and included Oracle migration from 11g to 12c. By ensuring that AOCM MDM migration did not affect functionalities, customer data and web services, nFolks ensured business continuity for the client with minimal disruptions. WORK WITH US AND GROW YOUR CAREER add_circle_outline DataStage Admin Salary No Constraint 1 positions Noida add_circle_outline PL/SQL Developer INR 6.5 lacs 2 positions Hyderabad/Bangalore/Kolkata add_circle_outline DB2 Admin Salary No Constraint 1 positions Noida add_circle_outline Qlick View Developer Salary No Constraint 2 positions Pune add_circle_outline Informatica Developer INR 11 Lacs 6 positions Hyderabad add_circle_outline DataStage Developer INR 13 Lacs 6 positions Hyderabad add_circle_outline DB2 Developer INR 15 Lacs 6 positions Hyderabad add_circle_outline Java Developer 1 positions Grand Rapids, MI add_circle_outline SAP MDG Consultant 1 positions Baton Rouge, LA add_circle_outline Data Engineer with Azure DOE 1 positions Remote/Philadelphia, PA add_circle_outline Data Engineer (AWS, Snowflake, Batch ETL tool): DOE 1 positions San Antonio TX email phone (425)533-9681 2018 156th Ave NE
Suite 100 Building F
Bellevue, WA 98007

Keywords: nFolks Data Solutions, Seattle , Senior Consultant, Accounting, Auditing , Seattle, Washington

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